Saturday, April 05, 2008


20 March issue 217

q 01 UN expert answers questions on NEPAD Action Plan, regional integration and development

q .02 Corporate executives hear about NEPAD’s African Leadership Programme

q .03 International media summit on the re-branding of Africa

q .04 Environment Day in Senegal

q .05 NEPAD-Spanish Women's Fund: Progress

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28 March issue 218

q .01 NEPAD playing critical role in mobilising finance to speed up Africa’s agriculture programme

q .02 Soaring food prices pose serious threat to food and nutrition security

q .03 Leader of the Eminent Persons explains the details of the Peer Review process

q .04 African Bank chief puts top priority on water access and sanitation

q .05 NEPAD-Spanish Fund: progress with interviews

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4 April issue 219

q .01 NEPAD “training the trainer” seminar for journalists across West Africa

q .02 Important role for Africa’s media in the development

q of the continent

q .03 NEPAD Business Foundation sets up African project management office

q .04 First meeting of prospective shareholders in the NEPAD ICT broadband network SPV

q .05 NEPAD-Spanish Fund: call for document

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