Friday, April 04, 2008

Post Mugabwe rule - a possible outcome

A diagrammatic forecast of a possible wealth distribution in Zimbabwe for a post Mugabe rule.
see the explanation of he diagram below

Everything depends whether the economy of the country will be a main criteria in a non-racial shared society.

The situation as it was pre-Mugabe dictatorship. Note the cener indicates the governmental system.

The lighter colors indicate the wealth distribution.

The arrows indicate the circulation of wealth within the country.

1. Pre Mugabe rule - wealth in the hands of few, but not much reaching the general population

2. Mugabe Rule - the wealth in the hands of the government and a few who found favor with Mugabe and others who managed to hold onto some of their wealth, while virtually nothing reaches the people. Much of the wealth leaked out of the country, while many of those who are able to provide poverty alleviation emigrated.

3. Post Mugabe Rule (possibility) Wealth returning to the country, but this time-shared among the people. Much help from outside.

4. Prosperity for all. A good circulation of wealth and education. An example of "Unity is strength"

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