Tuesday, April 01, 2008

World Goodwill

Those particularly interested in working with

World Goodwill may like to know that, a

number of groups and individuals decided to

cooperate with the theme of the 2007 Semi-

nar, Evoking the Soul of the Nations. Greek co-

workers created an online group to discuss

the theme, shared documents both past and

present, and among other issues, reflected on

the possible rays of Greece, with a general con-

sensus that the Soul ray might be the fourth,

and the Personality might be the third ray. A

group that regularly meets once a week in South

Africa, discussed the theme, and there was a

definite interest and focus on the soul of South

Africa, including some reflection on the condi-

tioning astrological signs. It was noted that:

"The opposite of apartheid (separateness) is

Unity. There was agreement that winning the

Rugby World Cup had united the country for a

short but tangible period... This sense of earned

respect is something we as a nation will need

to focus on if we are to evoke the Soul of this

multi-cultural and emerging Nation... For the

nation to heal it is imperative that each frag-

merit should become whole... Clearly diversity

within a larger unity already exists and must

be encouraged. In this sense, synthesis does

not dismiss but incorporates the many colour-

ful and richly diverse cultures into the whole."

The newly formed Living Sanctuary for Esoteric

Studies in Tucson, Arizona held a retreat on

November II, 2007, holding in solution both

the annual Keynote and topics of the seminar.

And we know that other groups, such as Denver

Goodwill Service Group, supported the work

subjectively through thought and meditation.

This entire question of the planetary centres and the energy which

they release is naturally of great interest and, could we but realise

it, of supreme importance. Some great truth lies veiled behind the

tendency of all peoples to regard certain cities and places as holy and

as set apart for their spiritual value; they make them the goal of their

pilgrimages; in connection with the human being, the same analogy

holds good and the heart, for some reason, is regarded as holier and

more desirable in its expression than the head. All this indicates an

innate recognition by humanity that behind the outer form is ever to

befound the intangible, the real and the holy. Alice Bailey,


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